What’s the right acting technique for you?

Posted on January 18, 2015 by Amber DuPuy

What’s the right technique for you?


Acting teachers are often guilty of holding onto a single technique they teach. Essentially they tell their students, “My way is the only way!” They may even disparage the techniques of other teachers in town. This condemnation may be rooted in their passion for their craft, but more than likely, it’s a product of fear; they are threatened by the competition.

But make no mistake, students! There is no one legitimate way to act. No technique can guarantee that you’ll will be cast or become a brilliant actor. If a teacher tells you that her or his way is the only way, walk away!

My recommendation to you is to check out any and all methods, and the teachers who teach them, in your town. Request a brief interview with the teacher, ask questions and see if their approach resonates with you. Trust your gut!